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A beach day in Boracay, Philippines

Boracay, located in the central Philippines, is a small island known for its striking natural beauty, stunning beaches and vibrant tourist industry.  I (Merge) got a chance to visit one cloudy November day on my travels on the MS Westerdam.  Boracay is part of the Aklan Province and lies approximately 315 kilometers south of Manila. It is known for its iconic white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, which is why I decided to spend my day snorkeling and hanging out on the beach. 

The red marker shows where Boracay is, compared to Manila
One of the traditional dancers who greeted the MS Westerdam on arrival at the port of Boracay

My snorkeling destination was a reef known as Coral Garden, and I made my way there on a tour boat with about 15 other people.  Unfortunately, the reputation for crystal-clear waters did not hold up; the day I was there, the water had poor visibility, likely due to recent stormy weather.  Needless to say, I was disappointed.  But as a frequent water activities enthusiast, I know that the weather does not always cooperate. 

The boat ride to the Coral Garden was wonderful, even if the snorkeling wasn’t

Later that morning, the boat sailed to White Beach, one of the island’s most iconic and visited destinations. Spanning approximately four kilometers along the western side of the island, this beach is known for its stunningly fine, powdery white sand, and this time, it was exactly what I hoped to find.  Despite the cloudy weather, I had a wonderful time swimming and lounging on the beach.  The water is shallow, so I was able to walk out for a long distance and the water still did not get above my shoulders.  The white sand beach is soft and beautiful.  I spread my towel under a copse of palms, stared at the sky, and reflected on the beauty of nature.

White Beach – everything it promised to be!
Not that crowded …
Heading back to the boat at the end of the day

I would love to return, and I hope next time the weather and water conditions will be better than they were this time.

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