Merge & Al's Excellent Adventures


We are Merge and Al.  We are a 50-something professional couple who live mainly in Victoria (Canada), but we love to travel around the world!  While we enjoy laid-back locations (particularly anything on the ocean), we also love hanging out in big cities in the heart of the action!  We’ve been on roughing-it trips in the middle of the Egyptian desert, and on high-end luxury vacations on incredible beaches.  When we're out of the city, we love to hike, swim and kayak.  When we’re in urban meccas, we love to sight-see and try different restaurants.  We’ve been fortunate to have traveled to over 55 countries over our lives, but since that is not even 30%, we still have a lot ahead of us to get to the remaining 70%.  We’ve learned, first-hand, that travel is an incredible educator.  It teaches you tolerance and respect for others; it opens your mind to different perspectives; and it makes you grateful for what you already have.

Merge is founder and CEO of a leadership development consultancy working with senior and high-potential leaders in organizations in Canada, the USA, and around the world.  Her parents were world travellers themselves, so her love of travel is in her blood.  She grew up on airplanes; literally, her dad was a pilot, and one of the first people in the world to fly Boeing 747’s (also known as the Jumbo Jet).  Some of her earliest memories involve flying.  While growing up, she lived in India, Nigeria, Singapore, the UK, and of course Canada.

Al is a retired accountant (CPA CMA) who spent his entire career working in Canada’s oil and gas industry.  He grew up around the world too – living in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, and the UK, before coming to Canada in his teens.  When he was growing up, he loved going to zoos and on safaris with his parents.  He credits those visits for his passion for wildlife photography which is one of his favourite parts of travel.  His second is meeting the locals!
P.S. from Merge: his photography is amazing! He seems to always capture the ultimate essence of the animals he photographs.

We’ve created this website as a way to journal our adventures and, if appropriate, to help others who might be contemplating similar trips.  We hope you’ll join us virtually, and that we’ll inspire you to get out there and explore the world!