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Does the egg salad sandwich at 7-Eleven Japan live up to the hype?

The short answer is yes. 

I (Merge) have now been in Japan for 18 days, and I have not yet tried the (in)famous egg salad sandwich at 7-Eleven.  So I was determined that today, my second day in Osaka, I was going to get one for lunch.  Known locally as the konbini tamago sando, I had been hearing about it from friends pretty every day since I arrived in Japan.  “You must try it,” they said, “It’s delicious.”  In Japanese, “konbini” translates to “convenience store”, “tamago” means “egg”, and “sando” refers to “sandwich”, so in theory, it could come from any convenience store, but I was told that 7-Eleven makes the best ones.  So off I went to get one.

I’ll be honest, it didn’t look particularly special.  Other than the crustless bread, it was just like any other egg salad sandwich I’d ever seen.  But it really did taste different and better.  It was slightly sweet, with a hint of tartness, and more depth in flavour than I recall an egg salad sandwich usually is.  And the texture was fluffier and creamier than I am used to.  The ingredients are simple – egg, Japanese mayonnaise, and seasoning.  And apparently the bread is always white, soft and minus the crusts.  Turns out the difference is in the Japanese mayo and the seasoning.  I’d happily order another one again.

When you next visit Japan, stop in at 7-Eleven and try one for yourself.  Bonus: the price is right.  At JPY 335 (just a little over USD 2), you won’t break the bank!


  • I generally don’t eat eggs as I don’t enjoy them, but I ate these sandwiches for breakfast most days when Deepak and I were in Japan! Washing them down with a red bean paste donut and a canned coffee. Wonderful!

    • Ooh yes, their canned coffees are quite delicious too, more than you’d expect from a canned coffee for sure!

    • Oh you must go, for so many reasons! But I think you’ll really enjoy the sandwiches too.

  • I wish I had known when we were there last September. I love egg salad. Guess I have to go back


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