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From Victoria to Forks WA (but with a few detours)

Day 1 – Our day began bright and early, because we needed to load up the car and be at the ferry terminal no later than 9 AM. Not wanting to be late, we got there at 8:45 AM, got through the ticket booth in minutes, and then sat and waited, and waited, and waited. The US custom officials started work at 9, and since we were near the back of our line, they got to us much closer to 10. Turned out the customs agent was a huge Twilight fan and was pretty excited that we were going to Forks! what fun!! She gave us a clearance ticket and then we had to go to the front counter to get a second ticket. At about 10:10 AM we loaded onto the ferry, and at 10:30 AM, on the dot, the Coho sailed out of Victoria Harbour. The views were awesome (we saw our condo), and we even waved goodbye to a Carnival cruise ship that was docked in Ogden Point in Victoria Harbour.

Fishermen’s Wharf with our condo behind
Carnival cruise ship at Ogden Point in Victoria

The ferry ride to Port Angeles was uneventful, and once we drove off the Coho, we answered a few questions for the arriving customs agent, and then we were off.

Welcome to Port Angeles … as we drove off the Coho

But not very far, because we were looking for a place to have lunch. And we stumbled upon quite a gem. The New Day Eatery right on Front Street had some great organic and healthy choices, including some vegetarian and vegan ones. I wish we remembered to take a photo!

Soon after, we were on the road, and on our way to Neah Bay. Our intended destination was the Makah Cultural and Research Centre, and it was definitely worth the visit. This museum houses the archeological finds from the Ozette village excavation, and the self-guided interpretive tour is simple, engaging, and very illustrative. We spent less than an hour there and thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. If you are going to the area, don’t let the word “museum” scare you off, it is definitely a must see! Even Al liked it, and he’s not usually a museum guy. $10 pp entry fee, but heads up, when we were there they were accepting cash only as their card reader was broken. Apparently it hadn’t been working for the last week. All our photos are from the outside as they don’t permit photography inside the museum, in order to protect the artifacts.

The Makah Cultural and Research Centre
At the doors

Another 20 minutes west got us to the Cape Flattery parking lot. Got our hiking boots on, and Merge got her hiking poles, and off we went. They say the trail to the point is about 3/4 mile, it’s downhill on the way there, but remember if you go downhill, you must go uphill when you return. 🙂

On the trail to Cape Flattery

It was worth the hike though because once you get there the views are absolutely spectacular. Cape Flattery is the westernmost point in the contiguous United States, and when you look out over the Pacific ocean and listen to the waves, you see nature at its best.

The fantastic views from Cape Flattery

And yes, couldn’t resist posting this fantastic photo of Al in his giant Neah Bay chair.

Doesn’t Al look comfy?

Finally, loaded back into the car, and drove to Forks WA, where we’re spending the next two nights. More tomorrow.


  • Amazing views from Victoria harbour and the Washington coastline. Looks like a great first day on your excellent adventure!


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