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St. Lucia by Segway

Over the years, I have visited St. Lucia several times.  In fact, one time, Al and I spent two whole weeks there enjoying the sun, sand, and sparkling blue water.  We stayed in Marigot Bay which the locals will tell you is the most beautiful bay on St. Lucia. 

A photo of Marigot Bay from 2001. It’s still just as beautiful!

If you’re coming to St. Lucia for the first time, the usual tourist spots – the Pitons, Soufriere, the Sulphur Springs, Pigeon Island, and Rodney Bay – are definitely worth visiting.  But I wanted to do something different.  And taking a Segway tour on the nature trails on Mount Pimard was just that!  While not as famous as the Pitons, it offers its own unique natural beauty.  After a short training on how to use my Segway (it was a lot easier than I thought it was going to be!), we were off. 

Some training, and I was a pro!

There were two other people on the tour with me, a lovely father-daughter duo, and we went up a 2.7 km trail, stopping along the way to look at some World War II sealed bunkers.  These once served as lookouts and tunnels for the American Military who were here during World War II.   When we got to the top, looking out over the town of Rodney Bay and Reduit Beach, towards Pigeon Island, the views of the Caribbean Sea were absolutely stunning!

That’s Rodney Bay behind me
Atop Mt Pimard with Pigeon Island behind me
With my two new friends
Couldn’t leave without the obligatory selfie!
Watch me go! No hands at the end of the video!!

We then made our way down to Reduit Beach where we stopped for a while for a welcome cool beverage.

Rodney Bay behind me
Reduit Beach and Rodney Bay
A great place for a cool beverage!

If you’re looking for a different adventure the next time you’re in St. Lucia, I recommend this tour offered by St. Lucia Segway.

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